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Allyson Rae Escobar wears many hats: journalist, editor, digital producer, blogger, freelance writer, and now grad student. Spot her in a coffee shop or wandering the city. Currently📍: Lost Angeles

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A peek into my mind

Showing up, letting go, and embracing courage.

July 12, 2017

It’s hard to imagine my life will be completely different a month from now. A month from now, I’ll be living in a new place, with a new bed, new…

welcome to the process.

May 31, 2016

this was taken at an angle with the natural light streaming in from the window, and then filters were added. several of them, with a little brightening and contrast. if…

Why every twenty-something should travel to a new city alone

April 22, 2016

This month, I took a big venture and accepted the opportunity of a lifetime. With just three weeks to plan, I decided to travel solo to NEW YORK CITY for…