Testing out the new camera! 

Thai teaaaaa
Going HAM on BSB.
Apparently Childish Gambino was an option
The boysss

Robert & I hahaha
Bfflszsz <3
Because he’s the absolute best. <3
Salted caramel hot chocolate!


This past weekend I celebrated my 20th birthday with some of my nearest & dearest friends. It was simple and sweet, and probably one of the most normal birthdays I’ve had in a while. & gosh, normal (with no drama or accidents or anything) was so nice. We had a classy dinner at Banana Bay, accompanied by some good food & excellent music, followed by a night of being divas at Round One Karaoke, with some of the best people I know. I kept looking around & thinking, this is happiness. In its purest, simplest form (and no substances were present to prove it!). All in all, I am so blessed to have come this far. & with the right people, the ones I know who are here to stay.. that’s the best gift a girl could ask for.

Thank you to everyone who came & made last night special. (:

(Almost) everyone!

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