A tad bit pissed/upset right now; excuse me while I vent a sec.

So I went to dye my hair today, & my hairdresser, a heavy-set guy in his mid-forties, basically told me I can’t live my dreams… all while coloring, cutting, & blow-drying my hair. He asked me a flurry of questions about what college I go to, what major I am, what I wanted to do after I graduate, where i see myself going. And I answered of course, politely (because you can’t exactly ignore your hairdresser while sitting in a chair for 2 hours, for fear that he will mess up your hair), telling him all the little details with the flourishes, basically selling myself to this guy I hardly met who I am PAYING $50+ to color my hair. And he basically shook his head at all of it, telling me it is “a waste of an education” & that “oh well, hey, it’s just $50,000 down the drain.” Journalism & anything in that field won’t get you anywhere, honey. You are just WASTING YOUR TIME. And then he went right on back to cutting.

I sat there, dumbfounded & in disbelief. What just happened?! But of course, I just nodded & listened to what he had to say (again, because this douche was also in the midst of a very important color-cut & I will not sacrifice my $50, no thank you), because thats what I always do, right? Because that’s what I should do, pay this stranger to give me life advice?

Um. Excuse me, who do you think you are, telling me I can’t do what I know I am good at doing?! You are my HAIRDRESSER. Who are you to tell me what I can or cannot do, when only I myself know my limitations? Do you think I’m not aware of the job market & the suck-ass economy right now (because of YOUR generation, mind you)? Do you think I don’t know about the competition that’s out there? I’m sorry, am I stupid? Am I blinded to all of this happening around me?

And who are YOU to say I won’t succeed? Do you know the sacrifice my parents are putting for me to be where I am? Do you realize how much hard work it took for me to get there? Do you think I’m not aware of how much my education costs, & what large debt I will be in the future? Do you think that will stop me from doing what I love, what I know I am meant to do? & yeah, so what if it doesn’t get me a job right away? How do you know that will happen? You think the amount I make will abide for my happiness? And who are you, what are you doing? Are you qualified to judge me on what I have done, what I have yet to do? Or what I can/cannot do? You some kind of fortune-teller? You know my life story?

And what about LMU? Don’t you think I know how much my parents are paying (oh whoops, I’m sorry, “WASTING”) on my education? Is that merely a waste, all because LMU is not UCLA, USC, Berkley, Harvard? & who are you to judge the quality of my education? Do you go to that school? Do you know all the great things about that place, the amazing opportunities & people I’ve met & experiences I have had since going there? Do you think I’m not enjoying myself there, despite the costs? Do you think I’d take all of that for granted? Because I know DEEP DOWN that I am meant to be there, that God put me there for a reason, & that I’m doing His will, NOT YOURS. Do you think I care about $50,000? $50,000 is nothing to me if it means a solid education, guaranteed classes, amazing experiences, bountiful opportunities, overall change. The struggle is worth every overpriced penny, & I wouldn’t trade it for a cheaper, lesser education or the world. I’m not changing majors, & I’m not switching degrees. What I deal with in the future is my struggle, my decision, & I’ll handle it on my own if I have to. I know who I am and what I want, thank you very kindly.  I am blessed. I’ve got the things I’ve got. I’ll do what I love. I’m not taking it for granted.

I will prove you all wrong. Watch me.

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