Monday routine, lately

8AM – Wakeup
8:15 – Wakeup (again)
8:30 – Actually get out of bed
9:00-10:15 – Class (Gender Communication; aka. listen to the tenured professor rant on & on about herself/her accomplishments and whatever the hell she wants-class)
10:15-11:15 – Free time, sort of
11:30AM – 2PM (roughly) – Work
12:00PM – Realization that I didn’t actually eat breakfast and that I am starving, but I’ll skip lunch anyway because I want to get paid (hah)
2:00 – Free time, sort of. Also rush back to apartment & scarf down whatever I can find to eat time.
3:00-4:15 – Philosophy of Ethics. Hot, sassy female teacher who got a chile pepper on (I’m sure she knows it too.)
4:15-5:30(ish) – More free time/nap time/lazy time
6:00 – GYM. A new habit that I am pushing myself to do, 2-3 times a week. Two minimum. Idk how or why, because I hate the gym. But I figure paying $50,000+ dollars a year requires me to use the facilities at the very least.
7:00-8:00 – Nike Training Class pt.1! The first time I went was last Tuesday, & it absolutely killed me, but I enjoy it. It beats doing Insanity in the hallway or in my crowded apartment, plus it’s usually all girls so it’s not as embarrassing! & it kills my legs, but in the good way! Getting my workout in for about an hour & a half to 2 hours. Healthy meeee!
9:00-whenever – Wallowing in my apartment due to hw + sleepiness + soreness
1AM – Knock out. Hopefully.

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