Tonight was such a trip, honestly. I can’t even begin to describe it. So, so unexpected & blessed.

Lord, Your ways are truly wondrous & wonderful. You have plans for us; You make things happen when they are meant to happen…. when we least expect it, and most need it. I still can’t believe how productive today was; physically, mentally, and spiritually. And everything that happened in between… the talks, the passages, reflections & spiritual uplifting. You put those people in our lives who are meant to show us Your love, who are daily reminders of our blessings from above. And I’m completely in awe. Lent starts tomorrow, and I am so on fire for what You have in store. For me, for all of us! Seriously, thank you for everything.

On a somewhat related note: Do I really have to fast for tomorrow? Because food is just soooo good… okay, yeah, I’ll stop now.

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