El Salvador Days 4&5: In Solidarity with Agua Caliente

Finally, we’re at my favorite part of the adventure: the rural community homestay. The two-and-a-half day trip to the small community of Agua Caliente (“Hot Water”; I’ll explain shortly!) was mine & everyone else’s favorite part of the whole week. How do I even explain the friendships made, the things shared, breaking bread and living as one with the people? How to fully describe the feeling of hope, of oneness with them? Or how alive I felt, looking up at the thousands of bright, twinkling stars? I miss it so much already.

On Tuesday, we left bright and early for the 2 hour drive to Suchitoto, a mountainous region faraway from the capital. Driving by, we watched the landscape turn from colorful, crowded buildings and graffiti to dry, dusty farmlands with smaller villages. More textile & manquilla factories (such as the ones we learned about at Mujeres Transformando) were springing up along the outskirts of the city. As we ascended up the mountain, smaller towns began to pop up, with crooked, narrow cobblestone streets and smaller white buildings.

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