Vado a Italia!


It’s crazy how one moment, you’re sitting & contemplating what’s next, and the next, you’re going on an  adventure. I never expected any of this to happen the summer right after graduation, but here I am! Today I leave for Rome, Italy. It’s my first time going to Europe and I am beyond excited for this opportunity. My Lolo (Grandpa) Pete asked me to come with him and his family on a two-week pilgrimage to Rome, to visit different religious and cultural sites, as well as various cities around Italy including Florence and San Giovanni Rotondo. I will be documenting everything from the trip and putting it all on a journal/this website for everyone to see, and also just writing things for myself. It’s a once in a lifetime, all-expenses-paid trip, and I am ecstatic; I still can’t believe this is all happening. I’ve been spending the past week packing & getting my things together, preparing for this adventure. My bags are all packed, room’s all clean(ish)… I’m ready to go to Europe!

Stay tuned on this blog for more updates, posts, and photos of course! There’s a follow/subscription button on the right panel. I can’t wait to let you know about my Roman holiday.


– A

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