Cup of Tea #1


Welcome to CUP OF TEA, my bi-monthly post/newsletter of sorts, where I highlight some of the best content I’ve found on the World Wide Web over the past week(s). From inspiration, to intriguing articles, things I find amusing (re: my odd sense of humor), and the quirkiest social trends. Just my cup of tea.

  1. This tear-jerker dance video. Husband-and-wife dancing duo Keone & Mari Madrid (yes, from Bieber’s Love Yourself music video) perform, in the simplest and moving of ways, the stages of a modern relationship; from the exciting “firsts” to the hardships in between. The video demonstrates the special moments in love, shared between a couple, which together build a life.
  2. If you’re into adult coloring books, an ongoing stress relief/mindfulness trend continued from last year, please do yourself a favor and check out this one, as shared by author Elizabeth Gilbert. My favorite part is how they design each swear world with, as described, ” cats, dogs, and butterfly patterns.” Win.
  3. Star Wars characters reimagined as Winnie the Pooh & Friends, aka. “Wookie the Chew.” Anyone else new to this fandom? (I was raised on the Harry Potter franchise, so I barely saw all 6 films–and then the 7th–last year, and I absolutely love it!) While we’re still on the subject, if you haven’t yet read tweets from @KyloR3n or @dadjokehansolo, or haven’t seen Adam Driver’s “Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base” skit on SNL, you’re missing out on life.
  4. Drinking your calories: this extremely informative (and slightly depressing) article from Elite Daily compares the calories in your favorite alcoholic drinks to the amount in foods you love. It basically says a night at the bar plus the 2am “munchies” is waaay over your recommended calorie intake for the day. (Welp. I wish I knew this college.)
  5. For my fellow book lovers, the New York Public Library recently released this fabulous digital collection of book jackets, dating nearly a century back. I’m a sucker for old books–especially the smell!–and as an English major, seeing some of the artwork on these dusty and long-preserved book jackets gives me a little thrill. Like finding a gem in a thrift store.
  6. This article is a must-read from USC’s student body president as featured on The Huffington Post. She talks about the “coddled,” too-sensitive and wimpy college student who “literally just can’t,” and why people need to realize that us “millenials” are a lot smarter than the Internet portrays them to be. What students are taught in the classroom, what programs and values are implemented on campus, is just as if not more important as what is happening out in the real world. From homework to exams to networking/internships and finding ways to pay for tuition, students have enough on their plates as it is. No matter our age or race or religion, our gender or sexual identity, as human beings, we deserve to feel safe on campus. Our freedom is to be fought for, and earned. I was especially struck by this quote:

    Universities aren’t daycares. But here are some things students who pay upwards of $50,000 per year in tuition can also expect to receive: a college experience free of rape, racism, sexism and blatant discrimination…we shouldn’t need safe spaces because universities as a whole should feel safe to begin with. But they’re not. And until they are, I applaud every student who continues to fight to make it that way.

    (This is so so SO important.)

  7. I am obsessed with this cover of Adele’s “All I Ask,” by Pinoy powerhouse John Saga. Listen and be chilled.
  8. 23 reminders that every [insert-age-here] year-old needs to hear right now. I’m 23, so this was super important/encouraging for me, especially on my worst or least inspired days. Also, the writer (and personality type expert) Heidi Priebe has a FREE eBook out on Myers-Briggs personality type right now (yes, free)!
  9. For wanderers who are realistically busy in their 9-to-5’s and who live a simple lifestyle, you need to follow this blog, run by my good friend Agnes. Backyard Destinations encourages travelers to appreciate and explore their own backyards, to take risks and be financially smart/independent, and she recently wrote a lovely piece about her first home in Saipan. (Did you know Saipan is an island paradise in the Pacific, not too far from Guam, and it is a part of the U.S.? Boom, knowledge.) You don’t need to go far to truly travel.  Follow Agnes @backyarddestinations!
  10. Last night, I had a burst of energy after dinner and spent two hours working on my capsule closet/wardrobe, inspired by Caroline from Unfancy. A capsule closet focuses on minimalism, on the very simple principle that “less is more,” and it is something I’ve been wanting to do since the start of the new year. Rather than focusing on narrowing down to the numbers (she uses 37), I dumped out all of my clothes onto my bedroom floor–that was fun–and sorted out my wardrobe for the season (aka. “winter” in Southern California, which is basically spring with random bursts of rain/50-degree cold), put the rest of the out-of-season clothes in two boxes in storage, and filled an entire box with older, worn out clothes to either a) donate or b) give away to relatives. It was a tedious process, but I am happy to report that, two and a half boxes later, I have cut down maybe about 40-45% of my whole closet. Progress is progress, right?

(And for more information on what is/how do I even build a capsule closet?, CLICK HERE!)

And that’s it for Cup of Tea’s first edition… until next week!


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