Cup of Tea #3

Welcome to CUP OF TEA, a bi-monthly post/link-up where I highlight some of the best content I’ve found on the World Wide Web. From inspiration, to intriguing articles, current events, stories, things I find amusing (re: my odd sense of humor), and the quirkiest social trends. Just my cup of tea.

  1. So far in the month of February, Beyoncé has performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, released a new single (and proclaimed her love of hot sauce!), put forth a brilliant and controversial music video, and sold out her latest world tour in minutes. If you haven’t seen the new video yet, first do that. (Is it any wonder Queen Bey released it during Black History Month!?) And then, read this from fellow blogger Bitter Gertrude. 

    “We are not the heroes in these stories. We are not the intended audience. We are irrelevant, and there’s nothing people in power hate more than to be made irrelevant.” 

  2. Okay, I know Valentine’s Day just passed, but this kid, dang. He bought flowers for every single girl at his high school. The story quotes his girlfriend–“makes me very happy and very proud of him”–but for some reason I don’t buy it. Love in high school is, in a single word, complicated. Who you really trying to impress? (But dang, you know what, go you Hayden, spreading joy like that–GO YOU.)

  3. This two British ladies are selling bottles of fresh, clean English air for about £80, or about $115 US dollars, to smogged-up countries like China. Clearly I’m in the wrong profession.

  4. Check this, millennials: Pew Research Center released in a new report that young Americans are engaging in politics now more than ever, and we mainly get our political news through social media. Among those engaged in the primaries, Democratic and left-leaning millennials are “more likely to learn about the election and get updated through social media,” and nearly three-quarters (74%) of young Democrats say they are more likely to participate in their state’s primary or caucus after learning about it from a social networking site (such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube). This is also starkly higher than the 50% of young Republicans likely to participate in the election. No surprise there, but go young adults for not being as self-absorbed and keeping up with current events! Let’s just hope we continue to make wise, guided choices and not trust satirical sources (because let’s face it, we’ve all fallen for The Onion at least once).
  5. Want a professional newborn cuddling gig? “Volunteers must be willing to cuddle, hug, and love the babies during their first few weeks of life.” Yes, this is legitimate.
  6. I’m always intrigued by “& This Is What Happened” stories; they make for great headlines. This one on Buzzfeed is very sweet: a boyfriend chooses his girlfriend’s outfits for a week, and ladies, they’re not only cute (this guy’s got fashion sense), but the end results are pretty motivating.

    “After a couple of hours of just living my life in those clothes, I forgot that I was supposed to be embarrassed of my arms or my stomach. I can be loud and bold with my fashion choices, and even if they’re stupid, the day ends and life moves on. I’m really glad I got to do this experiment with Chris. I should see and treat my body the way he does: like it can wear anything.”

    Read Chris & Nina’s story here. (ps. Awww.)

  7. Speaking of more cute things: your proposal story #GOALS.
  8. This GQ writer and science journalist ate nothing but a healthy ice cream formula for 10 days, and he lost a ton of weight and body fat, BUT he also missed out on the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and whole grains that come only from food…as a self-proclaimed lover of all things ice cream, sure it’s an interesting experiment, but even I wouldn’t go this far. Not even for Chocolate Malted Crunch.
  9. Whether or not you’re Catholic (or “religious,” as people tend to say), this Barbatus Beard Balm marketing from Catholic Balm Co. / is completely genius. With smooth packaging and taglines like “a softer beard that smells more holy” and “his beard smells like baptism – what does yours smell like?” it makes even a lady like myself want a beard. (Jk, I’m kidding. maybe.) The balm comes in a small tin that lasts about a month, and is available in 5 different, church-approved scents: Chrism, Lectio, Franciscan, Othodoxy, and Holy Smoke. After all, the beard is what makes a man, but the well-groomed beard makes a gentleman…or even a saint. (For the ladies, they also sell a cute St. Thérèse-inspired little flower lipbalm.)
  10. TIME’s 7-step evening ritual that will make you happy” is a practical application of the before-bedtime ritual, and offers insightful tips (such as: NOT scrolling through your phone before bed, which is equivalent to a long walk in broad daylight) for ending the day the right way, because at day’s end is when we typically process emotions, highs and lows of the day, and see what’s worked/what didn’t. We think about what we’re grateful for. We learn to shutdown our over-active brains and get much needed slumber. By taking care of our mental health, thus we become happier, healthier, more productive humans. And isn’t the world a much better place when you’re less sleep-deprived?

That’s all for now, folks!,

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