Welcome, October. It’s been a minute.

About two months ago, I packed my bags, said goodbye to my closest friends, family members and loved ones, and moved by myself across the country. My last month in sunny California was a whirlwind of goodbyes, making it even harder to leave. Everyone has been asking me how it’s been… and let’s get right to it. The awkward adjustment, the season of transition, being in grad school in a …


The relaunch of this blogsite, the art of losing myself, is finally happening. Partnered with my current Tumblr blog (www.dearallyson.tumblr.com; est.2008-???), it’s gonna be a beaut. I’ve been scheming this for MONTHS now. No reservations, no holding back this time. I’ve missed the art of personal blogging + creative (writing) control…. and I can’t wait to start losing myself once again. Here we go!  -AE